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Introduction to Exercise and Fitness

Regular exercise is one of the best things that people can do to help prevent illness, preserve health and longevity, and enhance quality of life. Exercise comes in many forms and can vary in intensity of effort. With so many ways to exercise in the Sauna Suit, almost everyone can participate in some way.  Fit people have more energy to pursue many leisure activities. Fitness can help deal with stress and persevere under difficult circumstances.

Physical Fitness and Exercise

Proper exercise and fitness can improve your health in many ways. It can:

•    Improve your strength and flexibility 
•    Improve the health of your heart and lungs (lowering the risk of heart disease)
•    Maintain a healthy weight 
•    Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure
•    Improve your mental health (by lowering anxiety and depression)

Types of Exercise

There are many different kinds of exercise that can be done wearing the sweat Suit (walking, running, dancing, and weight lifting, to name just a few). A good exercise program will include some combination of all three of the following types of exercise:

Strength Training and/or Muscle Endurance

Strength training helps you by making you stronger and giving you better endurance (so you can do things longer). This makes day-to-day activities easier and reduces your chances of injury. While many people think of weight lifting when they hear 'strength training', there are many different types of exercises you can do to improve your strength (and you don't have to be a muscle-man or woman to do them.) Some common strength training exercises include sit-ups, push-ups, strength bands, and free weights.


Cardiovascular exercise improves and strengthens your heart, lungs, and circulation and helps people lose weight. Cardiovascular exercise is any type of exercise that raises your heart rate to a 'target zone' (determined by your age, weight, and health). Some of the most commonly discussed types of cardiovascular exercise include running, aerobics, bicycling, walking, and stair climbing, but could also include dancing, skating, skiing, boxing, martial arts, tennis, or any type of exercise that raises your heart rate.


Exercises that increase your flexibility give you greater range of motion in your joints and make your body more supple, again, making day-to-day activities easier and reducing your chances of injury. Many people do specific stretching exercises to increase their flexibility but other types of exercise (such as dancing, yoga, and martial arts) can also improve flexibility.


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The Swelter Sweat Suit originated from Boxing and Martial Arts. Cutting weight for contests is a vital aspect of these sports…

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