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Boxing Training and Sauna Suits

The Swelter Sweat Suit originated from Boxing and Martial Arts. Cutting weight for contests is a vital aspect of these sports and Sauna Suits are commonly used from novice boxers to world champions. World Champion boxers such as Joe Calzaghe, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton to name a few have all used sweat suits as part of their training routine.

The majority of all boxers will use Sweat Suits at some point during their training regime. Boxing Training in the Sauna Suit is an excellent way to exercise and to burn fat quickly. Boxing training involves a variety of different aspects including running, boxing technique, skipping, bag work (hitting punch bags), pad work, sparring and circuit training.  Boxers are without doubt one of the fittest athletes in the world of sport as the training takes immense personal dedication with training and diet.  

Our Swelter Suits have proven to be the boxers No. 1 choice when it comes to seleting a sweat suit.  Check out the top boxers who are currently training in Swelter Sauna Suits

Most towns or cities will have a local boxing club offering classes to beginners and boxing fitness classes.  The majority of fitness gyms will either have a punch bag or a boxing based fitness class such as boxercise.

Boxing is a good sport to take up especially if you suffer with knee problems, certain aspects of the training would have to be avoided but even just punching the bags is a great workout.  

A Basic Boxing Routine

(1 round = 3 minutes)

1.  2 Rounds Warm Up (Stretch and Loosen Up)

2.  2 Rounds Skipping

3.  3 Rounds Shadow Boxing

4.  4 Rounds Punch Bags

5.  Circuit – Ton Up 10 x 10 (Twice)

6.  2 Rounds Cool Down (Stretch and Loosen Off)


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