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5 top tips for motivation

1. Find Personal Motivation to Exercise

What you need to get you up off the couch is a reason that's important to you. There are all kinds of benefits to getting fit. Which matters most to you?

  1. ·         lose weight
  2. ·         strengthen your bones
  3. ·         build your muscles
  4. ·         reduce your risk of illness and some types of cancer
  5. ·         By becoming active, you're being a good role model for your children.


These benefits may get you started, but they may not cut it when it comes to keeping you moving day after day. To keep up your motivation to exercise over time, you also need to find your internal motivators. Maybe taking a yoga class leaves you feeling more energized or less stressed. Maybe a run or walk every day helps you let go of stress!

2. Set Realistic Goals to Get Fit

People lose their motivation to exercise when they try to do too much too soon. So instead of walking for 30 minutes a day right off the bat, start out doing 15 minutes a day, two or three days a week.

Set weekly goals, gradually adding more time and intensity. Remember that doing any exercise in the Swelter sweat suit will help in fast weight loss and fat burning. At the end of each week, take a look at how you did. If you reached your goal, celebrate! If you didn't reach your goal, think about what went wrong and how you're going to respond differently next time.

3. Stop Thinking of It as Exercise -- Do Something You Enjoy

Do anything that gets you -- and your family -- moving:

  1. ·         Walk the dog, or walk a neighbour's dog. They'll be grateful for the help!
  2. ·         Go to the park and play hide-and-seek.
  3. ·         Walk or bike instead of driving, or park far away from your destination.
  4. ·         Get off the train a stop early and walk the rest of the way to your office.


If you think about it, you're surrounded by opportunities to get more active. Find the ones that you get excited about. You're more likely to keep doing them if you're having fun.

4. Plan How to Fit Exercise into a Hectic Schedule

For busy parents, a major obstacle to getting fit is lack of time. If you wait for time to open up, chances are you won't be able to squeeze in a walk very often. To avoid getting side tracked by the daily demands of life, try these tips:

  1. ·         Sit down with your schedule and carve out blocks of time
  2. ·         Add physical activity to things you already do. For example take a walk with a friend to catch up instead of calling each other on the phone.
  3. ·         Plan activities you can do with your kids, such as going for bike rides or skating, you'll help inspire your kids to move more this way.


5. Bounce Back From Setbacks

You've set a reasonable fitness goal. You've prepared for potential problems. Yet somehow you still didn't make it to the gym today as you had planned. Don't let that be your downfall.

When this happens, it's time for an attitude adjustment so you don't completely lose your motivation to exercise. If you miss the gym on Monday, that doesn't mean your whole week is shot. It simply means you need to hit the gym on Tuesday or take the dog for an extra-long walk tonight.

Start thinking of yourself as someone who exercises, eventually, that will become your identity.


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